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Between the Lanterns - ebook, epub format

Between the Lanterns - ebook, epub format

In the cold and emotionless modern world of fake food and automatic life, two young people from different backgrounds don't really fit in; probably because they still cling to silly old traditions like kindness and good manners. One night, these two strangers collide while walking in the street during a sudden blackout. August Lurie and Samantha Vann soon find they are perfect for each other and fall deeply in love. Through their life together, August and Sam will celebrate many triumphs, yet also face numerous obstacles that threaten to tear them apart. After the loving couple builds a quirky wooden automaton together, they find their lives are forever changed by little Woodrow and the incredibly advanced tech that powers the strange robot. But, despite the advancements August has created, will Samantha's religious beliefs prevent the possibility of their eternal love?Between the Lanterns is a futuristic love story set in Alabama, where two young people resist the pervasive apathy that has spread over the rest of the world. Together, August and Samantha try to reclaim some of Earth's lost humanity through real food, love, and a wooden robot.

  • Ebook - epub format

    This product is the novel, "Between the Lanterns" by J.M. Bush in an ebook epub format.

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